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Education in the USA Education in the USA

Education is different in every state. From local factors to state requirements, every state has different results when it comes to educating our kids. has created an infographic entitled, “Education in the USA” detailing just how efficient our education systems are. Where does your state rank? Take a look! Produced By Best Education Degrees

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The Average College Freshman 3 Post thumbnail

The term freshman refers to a students in their first year of study. Generally, these are the years we tend to “find ourselves”. The infographic by Citizens Bank generically describes what an average college freshman is like. Painting a picture of the average freshman is certainly nothing short of a daunting task. This fall, roughly 2.1 million…

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How Green is Your Campus? 4 Post thumbnail

With the green movement gaining fans young and old, it’s no surprise that businesses, communities, and schools are beginning to adopt eco-friendly practices. has created an infographic outlining how ten popular colleges are beginning to do business with a focus on keeping things green. Most of these colleges start going green by initiating a…

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Associates Degrees 5 Post thumbnail

With a growing number of students unable to afford college tuition, many of these students are turning to a two-year degree in order to accomplish their educational goals. has created an infographic entitled “Bang for Your Educational Buck” detailing which associates degrees are proving to be worthwhile-even earning more than others with bachelor’s degrees.…

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What are MOOCs? 6 Post thumbnail

A MOOC, or a massive open online course, is a higher education course available to anyone, anywhere, that wants to take it. While some believe these courses are a step in the right direction, statistics show that we still have a gap to bridge when it comes to ensuring success. has created an infographic…

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Saving on College 7 Post thumbnail

There’s no two ways about it: College is expensive.  From books and supplies to rent and tuition, students are struggling with more debt than ever before.  An average college degree costs $88,000, and leaves a student $23,000 in debt.  With $1 trillion in outstanding student loans across the nation, it’s no surprise that college enrollment…

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Why STEM Matters 8 Post thumbnail

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM): these four subjects may strike fear in students across the nation.  However, these degrees are becoming more valuable each day.  In fact, there are over 3 million jobs available in the STEM marketplace, and many of these positions are being outsourced due to a lack of qualified applicants in…

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