Christmas Infographic

christmas-around-the-world christmas-around-the-world

To most people, Christmas is symbolized by universal elements – gift giving, carols, shopping, family time, fun in the snow etc. However, culture is a beautiful phenomenon. Each person is different from each other, and the collective that is a nation has distinct features from other nations. The infographic by Christian Universities Online builds on…

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Cost of Christmas Cost of Christmas

The power and emotion of retro is on the up.  MBNA, one of UKs largest credit card issuers celebrates its 20th anniversary with content in this infographic. MBNA looks how the cost of celebrating Christmas past and present has changed since 1993.  Affinity for the past is oft felt by comparing what costs used to…

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Trends Impacting 2013 Holiday Shopping 1 Post thumbnail

For good or bad, technology has transformed our world. Today, no debate or discussion can be held without technology influencing it. This infographic is similar – a review on 8 trends impacting 2013 holiday shopping by Shopping has become faster and hassle free since the advent of the internet and mobile. Consumers are expected…

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Schedule an Awesome Christmas and New Years Party 2 Post thumbnail

The holiday season bestows upon us the opportunity to party and spend time with friends and family. Corporates and small business owners generally host a Christmas and New Years party to help employees unwind. It is often the right approach, as employees return motivated and enthused for the New Year. This infographic contains inputs for…

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Christmas Gifts Celebrity Edition 3 Christmas Gifts Picture

There are different levels of power wielded by people in society. These powerful and influential people are known as celebrities. The term itself carries a huge amount of glamour and glitz with it. However, celebrities are people who are looked up to, idolized and copied. More often than not, the term celebrity is associated with…

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Protect Your Home This Holiday Season Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

Anxiety and fear are theoretically different emotions that string very similar stress levels in most people. Fears are induced due to several reasons – fear of heights, confined spaces or even bees. However, the most realistic fear any person can undergo is that of someone breaking into his or her home, better known as Scelerophobia…

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Do You Hear What I Hear? The Fire Alarm! 4 Post thumbnail

240 Home Fires begin with Christmas Trees annually! Christmas Tree fire alarm safety and Holiday Light safety are two very important aspects of holiday decorating that should not be ignored.  Make Christmas safe this year by following these fire safety tips. Designed by in partnership with

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Christmas Trees Christmas Trees

It just wouldn’t be Christmas for most folks without the smell of pine in their homes and lights on the tree. This wealth of Christmas trees represents a substantial market for businesses in the U.S. This infographic, designed for Intuit by columnfivemedia, provides a glimpse into this robust industry.

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Santa's Mixed Christmas Drink Recipes From Around The World 5 Post thumbnail

Don’t drink and drive. There are some things that should not be mixed or brought together. When we were children, we often combined various household detergents and cleaners in an effort to create a super-cleanser that would be able to clean anything and everything extremely efficiently and effectively. At one time, this involved combining bleach…

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Merry Christats 6 Post thumbnail

Recently, we came across another infograph about Christmas. In that one, the (peculiar, strange or different) holiday traditions around the world were mentioned. Many of them made Christmas seem more like Halloween than Christmas. We do not believe that Australia was mentioned in that one. However, in this one, called the “Merry Christats” infograph, Australia…

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Christmas Madness 8 Post thumbnail

Halloween? At Christmas? Moooo! This is an allusion to the Berkeley Farms commercials that were prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area and which went as follows: “Farms? In Berkeley? Moooo!” We feel similarly in reading the “Christmas Madness” infographic. It seems that, in contrast to the traditions of Christmas in America, many other countries…

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Best Gifts For Your Website This Christmas Best Gifts For Your Website This Christmas

We often wonder about people, customs and things. People often make New Year’s resolutions for such things as stopping smoking, losing weight and/or exercising. We do agree that these are important things and that they are important now. Why would people delay in doing these things? A similar event is in regards to Christmas. Of…

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Top 50 toys of the last 100 years Top 50 toys of the last 100 years

Christmas has been there and gone on so many occasions, but do we yet know: which are the presents that have been there since the ages? Giving and getting repents are the customs of Christmas, yet there are a few presents which are more common than the others. In this infographic there are “The Top…

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