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There are different levels of power wielded by people in society. These powerful and influential people are known as celebrities. The term itself carries a huge amount of glamour and glitz with it. However, celebrities are people who are looked up to, idolized and copied. More often than not, the term celebrity is associated with…

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We adore the television series Friends. One of the funniest and most memorable episodes was that in which Ross (played by David Schwimmer) asks the group “What is Chandler’s [played by Matthew Perry] job?” Of course, this was a group of people who had supposedly known each other for at least a dozen years, and…

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Lady Gaga is the fame monster as she does quiet outrageous acts for her music videos or any events. Though this infographic only depicts pictures of Lady Gaga being a fame monster through pictures, and does not have real text to quote why, you can easily guess from the acts and elaborate appearances she has,…

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