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Gone are the days when one had to wonder where, how, whom to contact to buy something. Gone are the yellow pages and fat directories eating into our shelf space. All we have to do today is go online and shop for what we want. The best manifestation of this changing dynamic in our society…

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most-profitable-businesses-in-the-world most-profitable-businesses-in-the-world

With the country fighting to overcome from the latest recession, accompanying millions of unemployed workers, and businesses closing every day, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that some companies aren’t struggling along with us-in fact, they’re thriving. has created an infographic entitled Green Giants listing some of the most profitable businesses in the world, along…

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Achieving Sales Success Achieving Sales Success

It’s an understatement to say that sales isn’t easy.  From difficult customers to burnout, the salesperson faces a constant struggle.  In order to be a successful salesperson, you have to have a vast skillset and a bottomless pit of self-motivation.  Do you think you have what it takes? has created an infographic entitled “A…

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Statistical data shows that Africa contains some of the poorest countries in the world. However, many countries are beginning to show signs of hope. has created an infographic entitled “Business is Booming in Africa” detailing how this country is improving its status in the worldwide economic climate.

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No matter your market, sales leads come from two very important-but vastly different-sources. Online leads, or offline leads. While both of these lead streams are vital to the success of business, many businesses are handling these leads in a “One size fits all” manner. has created an infographic entitled “The Differences between Online, Offline Leads…

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Every weekend, thousands of families sell their extra things right in their front yard. Whether you call it a moving sale, rummage sale, or yard sale-garage sales are a $2 billion a year business. has created an infographic detailing the history of garage sales, and how to make the most out of yours.

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One area where businesses may struggle the most is customer support.  Whether it be a lack of information, or trouble finding resources, getting help to your customer is a necessity in today’s marketplace, and is essential for customer satisfaction. has created an infographic entitled “Online Support Center: The Essential for Fast Growing Companies”, detailing…

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Understand the Checkout to Understand Your Customers Understand the Checkout to Understand Your Customers

Despite the focus on online shopping, most purchases are still done the old-fashioned way: at a checkout in a brick-and-mortar store. Getting customers to the register depends on a number of factors, including how good a shopper happens to feel that day. This research compiled by technology firm Synqera reminds us that robust sales can still…

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