Super Bowl Ad Revenue


The ads that get showcased during the Super Bowl make a lot of profits. It is, however, important to get the right spot for advertising during the game. When you chose the right slot and timing for showcasing your ads during the game, you will have a better opportunity to get the message across to many users. When you decide the correct slot to promote your brand during these games, chances of getting maximum reach is high. This infographic titled, “Super Bowl Ad Revenue” will give you the info on ads and brands that got maximum exposure during these games.

Major automobile brands such as Volkswagen, Honda, etc got a lot of traffic and profits when they displayed their ads during these events. The competition to book a slot that gives maximum exposure is very high. If you are a new company that has been making decent profits and you can afford a few million dollars for booking ad slots during these games, chances are your brand value might increase in leaps and bounds.

Apple in their initial days used these slots to promote their brand. This ad was directed by Ridley Scott and it was shown only once during these games in the history of television. It garnered a lot of attention and Apple computers got a lot of customers.


How good advertising in the right slot during these games can impact the profits directly.


Not much to dislike. Most of the information directs towards strategic placement of ads during Super Bowl games.

Super Bowl Ad Revenue Infographics


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