Strange Facts About Cats

Animal Infographic

Wow! Cats spend a lot of time in sleeping and grooming? But then cats are well known for these activities. In fact, the “Strange Facts About Cats” infographic reports that cats can sleep up to 18 hours each day and to groom themselves for 5 or even more hours per day. In other words, a cat can spend ALL day in sleeping and grooming. Where, then, is the time to eat?

We are uncertain–although find it very intriguing–that cats respond most easily to names or words that end in the “ee” sound. We did have a cat named “Tummy Boy” and another named “Mota Billi” (“Fat Cat”). Unlike dogs, cats do not seem to really respond (they are always sleeping and grooming, as reported above–unless you have some food in your hand). However, these cats were extremely friendly. The “ee” sound may, or may not be applicable to dogs. We became fond of a street puppy whom we named “Chumpy Boy”. He was very friendly, but seemed to be more attached to his mother.

We find it most questionable that you can supposedly tell the mood of the cat by looking into its eyes. What does this mean? If the eyes are looking up then is the cat happy; and if the eyes are looking down then is the cat sad? Or is it the other way around? And how was this discovered? Did a scientist ask a cat whether or not he was happy when his eyes were up, and did the cat answer “Yes”?

Likes: Unlike many other infographics, there are a lot of facts here, almost all of which are interesting.

Dislikes: None as such.

Cats are considered playful, loving companions to humans and are well adapted to home life. They are subtle solitary, royal, and independent creatures that show affection on their own terms. It is these characteristics that draw humans so intensely to them.

Animal Infographic

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