The State of Customer Service

Having been in the retail sector for a very long time, we appreciate “The State of Customer Service” infographic. We remember that one of our first lessons was of the use of “warm” words and the disuse of “cold” words.

We were also told that unhappy or dissatisfied customers tell ten people of the less than favorable treatment (and which roughly comports with the infographic which states that 9-15 people are informed. Of course, in our social media era, this can actually mean hundreds or thousands (and possibly even more if the post is shared) will be aware of the bad experience. We were also told that people who have good experiences rarely share that. The infographic does indicate that four to six people are informed; in any case, though, it is less than that of bad experiences. “The evil that men do lives after them [or with them]; the good is oft interred with their bones”. It does prove that consumers have high expectations and that it is important to meet and exceed them, and to minimize bad experiences.

Other confirmations are that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one bad experience (although we were told that it was 10 positive experiences) and that 91% of unhappy consumers will not willingly do business with an offending company again. This has always struck as very intolerant, as we are usually willing to give a business another chance (in the assumption that we experienced an aberration). However, it is evident that companies cannot rely on more tolerant people.

Likes: Even outside the retail industry, we find this infographic very helpful.

Dislikes: Health insurance plans deliver the worst customer service, yet they are rewarded with ObamaCare.

The State of Customer Service 1

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