SSC Preparation: Is It Enough to Read Daily Brief of Forumias Rather Than Reading Whole Newspaper?


When it comes to preparing any competitive examination, general knowledge is an essential to cover up in the curriculum. Other than this, the syllabus has other sections as well such as English language, reasoning, aptitude. For the current affairs and English language section, browsing through daily newspaper is helpful for cracking the examination. It further helps the job aspirant to enhance the vocabulary which is essential in all the competitive examination including SSC-CPO, SSC-CHSL, and SSC-CGL. For acquiring good score in the general awareness and the English language section, going through the newspaper on a daily basis is of utmost importance. For examinations such as SSC-CPO, SSC-CGL, the general awareness section has more to do with only current affairs. It also includes topics from history, civics, economics, and geography. In addition to this, the newspaper also aids the candidates in facing the interview confidently where they often have to face some current affairs questions.

Necessary of a strategy for examination

You might be wondering that it is not possible to go through the whole newspaper every day, covering all the sections. So, you have to make full-proof strategies such that you are able to cover the important sections such as environment, health, sports, economy, international and bilateral news, science, technology, and education. Along with this, it is necessary that you start taking notes and makes points for the news. This shall help you to remember the news better. You should not just try to memorize them; instead create stories for remembering them. Once you are done with one section, never miss out to revise the topics that you covered in the previous day. This habit will help to make all the news at your fingertips by the time you appear for the entrance examination. Moreover, you will have to take the headache of selecting some relevant topics from the non-so important topics in the newspaper. The important section to cover from the newspaper is the editorial one, and the other would be of your choice.

Use of technology in place of newspapers

Other than this, you can also choose to read the news from the application that is available on the mobile devices. If you do not have time to open the pages of the newspaper, then scrolling through the news in the application would help you instead. While using the application, you also get the added advantage of bookmarking any news and have a look at it later on. Once you are done knowing about the topics, to hone the preparation, you should go through the online test series slowly. Start with one test series daily initially and then try to attempt as many test series you can. This shall help you to enhance your efficiency and accuracy for cracking more number of general awareness questions in the examination.

For acquiring good score in the general awareness section, it is recommended that you consult more than one newspaper and multiple applications to increase the efficiency of your preparation. As you continue to solve the online test series, you will be able to evaluate yourself and check on the weak and string sections. Accordingly, you should invest more time on the weaker sections. Therefore, apart from newspapers, some news capsules are also available in the applications and the online job portals that present you a summary of all important news that is likely to come in the examination. For attempting more number of general awareness questions, you can browse through the last year’s questions, to have a brief idea about the patterns of the same.

SSC Preparations

Improving English via newspaper

There is a myth that candidates from English medium background have advantage to score high in the English language section. But, this is definitely not true as for the students who are from other education medium, can also score good in the same. They can improve their skill by reading the newspaper, and it also helps them to crack personal interview and group discussion rounds in the examination. With the help of the newspaper, the candidates will be able to learn correct spellings, correct sentence construction without any grammatical errors. Also, it increases the vocabulary as mentioned below. To remember the new words that you have learned, it is necessary to list them and make sure that you learn 10-15 words daily. Refer to a dictionary or the internet to search what the word actually connotes. Moreover, you need practice to remember all the newly learned words.

Reading English comprehension

Also, reading the newspaper shall help you to score high in the English comprehension part. You should concrete more on the editorial part of the newspaper. To have a balanced perspective on the topic, the editorial part would be helpful. It also contains good English.

Apart from the sections of newspaper mentioned above, you will also have to note down some other points as well.

  • The bills passed in the country.
  • Summits and Global matters.
  • Declaration of policies.
  • Selection of CEOs and CMDs of popular organizations.
  • Economic news relating to repo rate, CRR, RBI policies.

Going through the newspaper would be very much helpful for cracking the SSC-CPO, SSC-CHSL or any other SSC examination. Therefore, to avoid your last minute confusion at the entrance examination that you often might face in the English language section and the current affairs section, it is high time that you start preparing the news item today.

For getting a better idea about the technical aspect of the online SSC examination that has been introduced recently, it is better to practice more test series and make a habit of attempting maximum number of questions within the given time. Therefore, you have to be strategic about planning for the examination rightly such that you do not miss out any subject while preparing for the examination.