Top Five Sports for Betting in India

Top Five Sports for Betting in India 1

Top Five Sports for Betting in India 2

The online betting market in India is developing quickly. The best Indian sports betting sites offer a large variety of opportunities in terms of sports and competitions covered. There are so many of them available that it might be hard to pick the most suitable for you.

This post provides an overview of the best five sports for betting available to players from India.


There’s little doubt that cricket deserves a place on this list. It’s the national sport of India and the country is among the strongest in the world in all variations of the game. The local Premier League features some of the best players across the globe and millions watch it regularly.

The popularity of the sport in India makes it an exceptional choice for betting. You can find loads of information and watch many games yourself. On top of that, most bookmakers are doing their best to provide many markets and promotions to their customers. As a result, most Indian players have access to a wide range of cricket betting opportunities.


It’s hard to underestimate football and the sport would probably enter a similar ranking for any country across the globe. It’s extremely popular in India and many people watch the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, and other competitions from Europe.

The betting sites are always trying their best to cover them with hundreds of different markets and all sorts of promotions. The games are often available for live betting as well.

It’s easy to find stats and valuable information for the vast majority of the top football leagues, so preparing for your wagers is not an issue from India.


Tennis might not be as popular as football and especially cricket, but it’s still among the best sports to bet on from India. The big advantage of tennis is that you can almost always find available matches.

The ATP calendar usually offers tournaments every week and the WTA schedule is not much different. If you are good at betting on tennis, you will have countless opportunities to make it count by betting from India.

Furthermore, tennis is one of the best sports for live betting and most bookmakers on the internet offer many in-play matches. The constant lead changes move the odds all the time and the experienced users can make a lot of money by placing the best bets at the right time.


One of the most surprising additions to the best sports to bet on in India is badminton. However, it’s the second most played one in the country after cricket and millions of people have at least some knowledge about badminton.

Most betting sites still have limited coverage, but they are adding more and more tournaments to their options.


Another good options for betting from India is boxing. The main reason is the list of available bouts. You will often find both high-profile and minor fights available for betting. Boxing is one of the few sports that’s available throughout the whole year.

Most bookmakers are doing their best to cover at least a couple of matches every week. On top of that, there are plenty of useful sources of information online which means you can easily analyze each boxer and make profitable decisions.

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