Who Are The Best Sports Fans In America?

Everyone likes to think of themselves as the number of fans in sports. How many times have you heard someone telling “I am the biggest fan of this team” or “that sports person”? It happens literally all the time. So if you think yourself to be the biggest fan of sports, then you have to check this infographic out, which tells you “Who Are The Best Sports Fans In America”.

It seems like you have got some competition. Check out the competition and know where to be for the next game of your favorite team. If you are in these places, you will surely get the real feel of cheering on your favorite team. After all, what is the fun of being in the stadium if you and thousands of crazy other fans do not get to shout out the name of your team loudly?

Is your city on the list? There are many cities which are on this list in this infographic. These cities are the ones which are doing great on the team spirit factor. Also, this infographic answers questions like, “does Red Wings have the best fans?” it really pits one against another, and in a friendly way, to find out which team has the best supporters and which city in the United States has the most supporting of all citizens.

It also contains many nicknames and such trivia about your favorite team. This is one infographic which a sports fan will truly enjoy.


It is very visually pleasant.



Who Are The Best Sports Fans In America? 1

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