Sponsored Video: Experience a Fragrant #NewPerspective with Lacoste L!VE

LACOSTE Brand New Perfume

Lacoste has launched a brand new range of perfumes, Lacoste L!VE. On par with the Lacoste standards, Lacoste L!VE lures the likes of the authentic, creative and offbeat clique. The magnificently blended scents by Lacoste are invigorating yet surprisingly serene. The revolutionizing discovery stems from a change of outlook that is going off the beaten track to make the ordinary stuff extraordinary.

The amazingly unique set of fragrances borrows inspiration from giving a new dimension to the usual everyday things. One comes across numerous natural objects so frequently on a day-to-day basis that they get mundane. Seeing a window of opportunity, Lacoste got experimental and gave a twist to the typical for a radical experience, thus highlighting the importance of a new perspective.

The campaign theme, “New Fragrance, New perspective,” with its “Brand New” video motivates you to break the mould and change your mind set to see the new in the run of the mill old stuff. The concept leaves no room for boring. Lacoste invites you to give its perfume range a chance and how! So spark your creativity, tap the energy within and get as innovative as this Lacoste video. Fall in love with the catchy tune, just like we did, and feel so brand new with AJ Rafael and Lacoste L!VE. The beautiful composition goes beyond a promotion. Mesmerizing enough to make it to your playlist. After all it is ordinarily extraordinary!

Check out AJ Rafael – Brand New (ft. Jenn Im) #NewPerspective video on Youtube.

This post has been sponsored by Lacoste, but all the thought is our own.

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