Social Evolution of Gaming [Infographic]

Entertainment is a pretty important aspect in life of a man. When it comes to entertainment, can anything beat gaming? Every single person who owns a cell phone must certainly be having some or the other game installed in their cell phones. Have you ever wondered how gaming came into existence and the modifications and the developments that the world of gaming has witnessed? Check out this cool infographic titled “The Social Evolution of Gaming” that reveals the changes that have taken place in the gaming world, especially with regards to the social aspect of it.

From gaming arcades to video games, the transformation in the world of gaming has been tremendous. Now, the games can be played anytime and anywhere from one’s smartphones. This infographic covers interesting facts about the increasing number of games worldwide. The growing North American gaming market has been featured in this infographic. The various gaming platforms have also been featured in this interesting infographic on gaming.

The social evolution and the major development in the internet age have boosted the developments in the world of gaming. For further details, you must check out this amazing infographic. This one has been designed creatively and all the facts and figures mentioned in this infographic will leave you baffled. Overall, this one is a cool infographic with an engaging topic which you’ll certainly enjoy going through. If you’re a gamer, you must not miss this one.

Likes: A cool topic, covers all facts and figures well, a pretty simple one, informative.

Dislikes: Other gaming markets across the globe could’ve also been covered

Social Evolution of Gaming Infographic


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