Smoking Cessation Timeline: What Happens When You Quit

Smoking, as we all know, not just leads to lung diseases but also effects hair, skin, and immunity. In this infographic you will see how after you decide to quick smoking, within hours your body will start to gain normalcy. In this infographic titled, “Smoking Cessation Timeline: What Happens When You Quit” you will see how speedily your body will start to recover and you stay safe from any kind of chronic disease.

Within hours of quitting smoking, your blood pressure and pulse rate decreases and your body temperature transfers to your hands and feet. The carbon monoxide in your body, decreases and your body becomes normal from being effected from this chemical. Within twenty four hours, your risk of having a heart attack becomes normal. Within forty eight hours your sense organs and your ability to smell and taste increases.

Within two weeks to three months of nonsmoking, your lungs start to function normally. You will not cough or wheeze as much as you used to when you were smoking. Your breathing also becomes normal as you will no more have shortness of breath. Within five to ten years of nonsmoking, your heart rate will become as normal as a person who has never smoked and your risk of having a heart attack or any lung disease will be very low. Not just that, you will have saved nearly fifty to sixty thousand dollars by choosing to quit smoking.


Good infographic on how smoking is injurious to health.


None as such.

Smoking Infographic

Infographic by KwikMed blog

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