SMILE & Contoura Vision: Which One Should You Go For?

Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision

For most people, wearing contacts and glasses can be very inconvenient, and it can also have a negative impact on their active lifestyles. This is when they should opt for laser eye surgery. Now, The two main questions on everyone’s minds are: “What is Contoura Vision?” and “Which one should I go for – SMILE or Contoura Vision?” In today’s blog post, we’ll explore both technologies in depth so that you can make an informed decision when choosing between them!

What Is Contoura Vision?

Contoura Vision is a procedure that uses a camera-based device that can take accurate measurements of your retina without dilating your eyes or touching them at all! In addition, unlike other technologies, Contoura does not need calibration, so there is no need to be worried about how your prescription might change over time.

Contoura Vision is affordable and offers a lower profit margin for the doctor. But, it does have its own baggage of disadvantages. Such as not FDA approved to treat patients who previously had other refractive surgery and Limited treatment range

What is SMILE Surgery?

SMILE surgery is a new and revolutionary form of laser eye surgery that does not require any incisions to the cornea. SMILE is a one laser vision correction surgery that does not need the creation of the corneal flap. This technique uses an FDA-approved energy source, infrared light, to gently reshape the surface tissue in your eyes. It’s safe for use on nearsighted people as well as those with other eye problems.

Unlike traditional laser eye surgery techniques, SMILE Eye Surgery is a painless procedure that does not require any incisions to the cornea. Also, this surgery offers the least possibility of dry eye as corneal nerves are well preserved.

Which is Better: Contoura Vision or SMILE?

First off, Contoura is a surgical procedure that involves having an expensive laser device placed next to the eye in order to reshape and tighten up the lens. On the other hand, SMILE only needs a small incision made in your cornea by an extremely thin laser beam that can then be used to adjust its curvature. But, with high benefits such as being flapless, less complicated, better results and painless, we would surely recommend SMILE over Contoura Vision.


This article has looked at the difference between these two types of eye surgery and what they offer. However, after weighing the benefits, SMILE would be the best and safest laser eye surgery to opt for when it comes to correcting your vision. However, we would highly recommend you to consult a reputed and experienced ophthalmologist before deciding. You obviously want to eliminate all kinds of uncertainties. So hopefully, this article has been helpful for people who were confused about SMILE & Contoura Vision surgery.


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