Smartphone And Mobile App Usage

Smartphone Infographic

If we remember correctly, we have encountered similar infographics about television watching (specifically, the prevalence of it) and about what we do with our smart phones. This “Smartphone and Mobile App Usage” infographic goes further by showing the prevalence of smartphones and, specifically, of the apps that we use.

This infographic does corroborate many things. The other graphic about smartphones mentioned that taking pictures was the most common use for the phone, with browsing and searching coming close behind, and watching videos was the least common activity. We do not know why the last was the least common. We know that if we had the opportunity, we would watch YouTube 16 hours a day, every day of the year.

It is probably not surprising that games are the most common apps. Games have always been a big driver of technology. We still remember the video game “Pong” in the mid to late 1970s which preceded the introduction of personal computers into people’s homes.

We appreciated the mention of social media as being a frequent app of mobiles and smartphones, and even more pleased that it mentioned Google+ as well as LinkedIn. Even today, in 2015, when social media is mentioned it is almost always only Facebook and Twitter, and in 2011, when this infographic was published, Google+ was in its infancy.

We do find it surprising that relatively few people use an app for banking and finance. Perhaps it is all of the revelations about the NSA that have made people skittish.

Likes: A wealth of information, all well-organized.

Dislikes: The color combination used in the infographic could’ve been better

Smartphone Infographic

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