Smart Homes Take the World

Smart Home

Smart homes are impacting our daily lives without us even realizing it. You may think that a smart home is one that has high tech installations and expensive appliances, but that isn’t always the case. While the future of smart homes may look like something out of “The Jetsons” cartoon series, we all have smart appliances that allow us to take control of our lives and reduce costs, even when we are out of our homes.

Smart home technology isn’t something new, in fact the first smart appliance was created in the late 1960s in the form of a refrigerator that could compute shopping lists and turn other appliances on and off. While this kitchen computer never quite made it onto store showroom floors, it did set the bar for smart homes and the amazing potential that we have today. The current most used smart home products are; locks and alarms, thermostats and fans, lighting and carbon monoxide detectors. These are simple household appliances that one wouldn’t think to be considered smart technology, but these products save us time and energy and are making way for future smart technology.

What are some of the trends that we have to look forward to when it comes to smart home technology? Voice control is then most upward-rising trend in the industry, with around 72% of Americans wanting voice control for their smart appliances at home. Home security is a top benefit of smart homes and will account for $47 Billion of the total security market. This includes fire detectors and video camera monitoring from outside of the home via smart phones.

Smart homes will have a great impact on our lives. By having smart appliances and apps that allow us to have more control over our homes, this will save us time, some say as much as up to 30 minutes a day. This technology will also save home owners money by cutting costs on energy bills, as well as by purchasing appliances that have more than one function.

The future of smart technology doesn’t stop at home, by 2020 it’s estimated that 152 Million cars will be connected to the internet, and the internet of things will generate a revenue of over $300 Million. If you want to stay connected to the world as you know it, it’s best to stay updated with these amazing technologies.

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