Small Business Owners Outlook 2012

Ever since the sub-prime mortgage financial crisis hit America in 2008, the global economy has never really been the same. The outlook and stability in general of investors and consumers has seen lengthy periods of negativity, especially in pertinent matters like employment, job security and the likes. However, of late the US economy has been moving in the right direction, with latest GDP figures clocking a not too bad 2% growth in the three months leading up to September. With over 20 million Americans still unemployed and a huge public deficit looming large, the economy is bound to form a massive chunk of reasoning the public use to caste their vote.

Keeping all of this in mind, we review Hiscox eDNA’s infographical insights into small business owners that aim to provide a keener understanding of their optimism for the near future in 2013.

The first section named Small business weather authority is slightly complex to understand at first glance. One gathers that the various types of weather forecasts/conditions have been used as metaphors to describe trends surrounding businesses in the US. For instance, cloudy images with rain drops show ‘gloom’ for businesses to gain financing. Data representation could have been clearer. There is too much emphasis on the images , causing the stats to get overshadowed.

Focussing on the Business optimism part of it is this infographic by HiscoxeDNA, wherein 55% of the entrepreneurs interviewed said they were optimistic about 2013. Region wise comparisons between the levels of optimism across the US tell us very clearly that the Midwest and New Jersey are the two most pessimistic areas. The south ranks highest on optimism about doing business in 2013.

Visually, the remainder of the infographic seems like 4 MS Powerpoint slides from an Office presentation. This does the job and is to the point, giving us a sneak peek into the following – Profit growth, outside help needed, strength of entrepreneurs and efficiency levels in the small business world. However, the reader will tend to lose interest at such a juncture. In the infographics I truly believe one thing – the wackier the representation of information, the higher the memory. One cannot fault HiscoxeDNA for this, as these are plain and simple hardcore facts that are put through using some visual appeal. However, as infographics are slowly becoming a prevalent medium of spreading communications, companies now need to ensure top-notch outputs to create impact.

Small Business Owners Outlook 2012

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