Skyscanner’s Flying Wines

Skyscanner's Flying Wines 1

There are large numbers of drinkers in France and in Italy? We have heard that children in France drink wine at the dining table. Whether or not that is factually true, we do not know.

We did find it fascinating, though, that the “Top 20 biggest drinkers” section of the “Skyscanner’s Flying Wines” infographic are overwhelmingly European. Of the 20, only 4 are from non-European countries. As always, what is not told is also fascinating. Both the United States and China, which are the 4th and 5th largest (respectively) producers of wine (according to Wikipedia), are not shown in this chart. Of course, the entire infographic pertains to all drinks (not just wine) and specifically to drinkers on airlines. It appears that while Americans and the Chinese do drink, they do not drink on airlines.

We did find the “flying wines” section to be confusing though. British Airways did seem to produce the most popular or favorable red wine. However, we wonder whether or not the specific wine was available on other airlines, and why? Also, it was a vintage that was recent to the publishing of the infographic. Thus, a lot could have changed in the intervening almost-four years. It was intriguing, though, to see that while red wines on airlines seem to be evenly matched, there was a greater disparity between the most favorable and fifth-most favorable white wines.

Likes: It is interesting to know exactly how much wine is produced in Italy each year.

Dislikes: Better use of color combinations would’ve resulted in a more visually appealing infographic.

Cheap flight specialists Skyscanner take a look into the wine industry with a particular focus on airline wines. The infographic takes data from The Economist, The Telegraph, Vinexpo 2011 and Skyscanner’s own wine tasting earlier this year where budget airline Easyjet topped the competition, beating SAS, KLM and Virgin in the race for the best airline white wine.

Skyscanner's Flying Wines

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