Six Seasons of ABC’s ‘Lost’ – By the Numbers

Who hasn’t watched ‘Lost’ television series? It in fact created a lot of news and also had a worldwide following. By the creator of Alias, J.J.Abrams, this television series garnered a lot of appreciation for the thrilling plot line. This action packed adventure series in the season 6 focused on the life of 48 people who survived a plane crash and were stranded on an island. The survivors discover the island and as well as many secrets.

This infographic titled “Six Seasons of ABC’s ‘Lost’ – By the Numbers” beautifully described the use of numbers in the entire season and the significance that they hold. This infographic is certainly a treat to all the fans of the ‘Lost’ series.

This infographic beautifully covers the significant numbers that highlight the important events of the season 6 of the ‘Lost’ TV series. The crashing of the plane into the island, the flight number, number of Ben Linuses, renderings of the smoke monster, initial survivors of the Oceanic 815, number of people who like ‘Lost’ on Facebook, number of total episodes including the finale, has all been covered in this infographic. This infographic covers a healthy mix of the important events of Season 6 as well as the facts and figures associated with the popularity of this television series. This infographic is undoubtedly a treat to all fans of this television series.

Likes: Beautiful description of the important events, facts and figures have also been incorporated

Dislikes: Too much text makes the infographic quite boring

Lost - Season Six


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