Sick! Epidemic of Chronic Diseases

1 in 2 American adults have a chronic disease, and 7 in 10 deaths can be directly linked to chronic illnesses. 80% of Americans 65 and older suffer from a chronic disease.  Chronic diseases are illnesses that can be controlled but not cure and is long lasting.  A few examples of chronic disease are cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and osteoporosis.  Heart disease, in particular, is a major concern in society.  As the single biggest killer of Americans since 1920, heart disease causes 1 in 4 deaths of Americans.  Heart attacks strike over 920,000 individuals each year.  Diabetes affects over 18.8 million people, with a staggering 7 million undiagnosed.

Many individuals with diabetes suffer from strokes-the risk for stroke is 2-4 times higher in those with diabetes.  Cancer is another major disease that affects men and women.  1 in 2 men will experience cancer, along with 1 in 3 women.

In order to avoid these diseases, many people are taking charge of their health.  A few of the ways to remain healthy is to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, quit smoking, and begin a diet and exercise regimen.

Sick! Epidemic of Chronic Diseases


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