Should Your Child Be Using TikTok?

Should Your Child Be Using TikTok? 1

TikTok is the latest social media platform to sweep the world. Users everywhere go to the platform to watch or create original short videos for their followers to enjoy. According to Oberlo, TikTok has 500+ million active users worldwide, with 1.5+ million App Store and Google Play downloads. However, this platform seems to be enticing children younger than 13 to download and use the app. But why? We explore this and more below.

It All Started With

The app that started it all was It was initially released in 2014, and was developed by Inc and Byte Dance. Users on the app could create short videos of them lip syncing to their favorite song, movie line, etc.

In 2018, Inc was bought out and then the app was transformed into TikTok. TikTok lets its users express their creativity in any way via short videos. This could be anything from traditional lip syncing videos to funny accident clips to comedy skits. Celebrities are even embracing the platform to keep up with the times.

With the rise of concern over kids using social media apps, TikTok has provided many useful safety features for parents to use like Restricted Mode to filter out inappropriate content. This is partially a result of TikTok getting in trouble for collecting data on kids under the age of 13 without the permission of their parents.

Why Are Kids Attracted To Using TikTok?

  • Get To Interact With Friends, Family, and Those With Similar Interests

Just like any other social media platform, kids enjoy TikTok because they can interact with their friends, family, followers, and those with similar interests. They can message other TikTok users, comment on their TikToks, or even recreate other TikTok’s they like.

  • Peer Pressure

If a young child sees that their friends are on TikTok, of course they will want to use it. Not being on the social media platform could lead them to feeling left out or uncool. However, peer pressure when it comes to joining social media can be dangerous especially if the child is too young to join.

  • Express Their Creativity

TikTok is just another outlet for kids to express their creativity. They can continuously post about their love for a certain TV show, or create their own skits. The options for creativity on TikTok are endless, and could help kids in other aspects of their lives. 

  • To Have Fun!

First and foremost, kids like TikTok because it’s fun! They get to post their own videos, along with viewing others. Who doesn’t love watching hilarious videos or seeing videos of dogs and cats?

TikTok Safety Tips Kids Should Follow

Just because kids are joining TikTok, doesn’t mean it’s safe for all children. By following these safety tips and using the features mentioned, children can be safer while using the platform.

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Should Your Child Be Using TikTok? 2

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