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Hiring Tools for Business

Hiring Tools for Business

As the demand for talents continues to rise across the years, this places a much higher pressure for organizations to compete with each other in securing the best candidates.

This imbalance between supply and demand seems to explain the conclusion of a study by LinkedIn which points out that 70% of professionals are passive talents.

These professionals no longer feel the need to actively look for new opportunities, but when approached, about 73% will respond with interest.

As hiring of professionals in high demand is slowly shifting from screening active candidates to connecting with passive ones, recruiters have to contend with new challenges.

Connecting with new talents is never easy, especially when there is a line of recruiters trying to do the same. Candidates nowadays are often bombarded with new requests everyday, forcing them to respond only under certain conditions only.

In order to improve efficiency in hiring passive talents, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based sourcing tools can lead to higher response rates.

Systems that have a built in machine learning functionalities will be able to account for various conditions and recommend not only candidates who are fit for the job, but those predicted to be open to new opportunities. More advanced systems would even be able to automate the manual tasks faced in sourcing candidates and produce a meaningful layer of analytics.

Shortlyst – Lead conversion reimagined, using AI & Automation Technology

Shortlyst is a software that uses AI technology and wraps it elegantly with all of the best features to engage and nurture leads. In order to provide meaningful recommendations, Shortlyst search engines are fitted with machine learning algorithms to help you find the right talent at the right time.

Shortlyst offers a dozen valuable features that may assist recruiters and businesses in finding the finest candidates:

AI-Powered Search

Shortlyst is able to recommend outstanding prospects from a database of more than 600M professionals globally. The search for the best talent is not just about text matching your criteria with candidate profiles, but the system builds an understanding of your hiring behavior and provides tailored recommendations.

Each profile may afterward be reviewed by your recruiter to validate their fit to role. Shortlyst database is based on an aggregation of data from the public domain, such as their LinkedIn page, Facebook, Github, Twitter, and more!

Adjustable Filters

Shortlyst also offers a number of filter customization options that are intuitive. Shortlyst offers over 20 adjustable filters such as Experience, Industry, and Education. All this is provided in order to help you zoom in to your desired candidate as painlessly as possible. If you ever encounter issues on what input to use, Shortlyst Smart Filters can help provide recommendations based on relevancy metrics.

Optimize Recruitment Funnel

Besides being able to help simplify the process of finding the best candidates, Shortlyst is also able to integrate existing databases through your ATS service provider. This allows Shortlyst to provide an end-to-end service for your hiring needs.

There are now 16 ATS suppliers that can be connected directly with the Shortlyst service:

  1. Greenhouse
  2. Workable
  3. Workday
  4. lever
  5. Smartrecruits
  6. JazzHR
  7. Breezy HR
  8. SAP SuccessFactors
  9. Oracle Taleo
  10. Icims
  11. Bullhorn
  12. Cornerstone
  13. Jobvite
  14. Avature
  15. Freshteam
  16. Recruitee


Candidates sourced through the Shortlyst platform can be monitored by your ATS of choice so that you are on top of your hiring pipeline.

Engage Talent and Build Relationship Instantly

Apart from helping you discover new passive talents in the market, Shortlyst can also help automate your engagement with them. By leveraging Shortlyst as an engagement tool, recruiters will be able to increase their productivity and have more for building relationships with candidates.

Recruiters and businesses can automate the candidate nurturing process by using customized message templates with Shortlyst’s built-in tools. Once the nurturing sequences are set up, you can reach out to more candidates with higher success rates.

Furthermore, Shortlyst also helps you jump ahead of other recruiters by giving direct access to emails and social links of your prospective candidates.

Managing Communication

Great candidate experience often leads to better responses and in turn better time-to-hire. Shortlyst understands the importance of maintaining prompt and effective communications with candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Shortlyst now allows you to send, receive, and answer any type of communication in just one single platform. This feature can help you be on top of your conversations with candidates and never let one drop off due to bad experience.


To avoid being left behind in the extremely competitive labor market, every business considers AI-based technologies to augment their hiring team. Suitable professionals are becoming more challenging to source, which complicates the recruiting process and necessitates new innovations to remain competitive.

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