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Mumbai City:
Mumbai City
Mumbai City:

Eating is good. Drinking is good. Restaurants are good. Bars are good. And Mumbai is wonderful and exciting. Frank Sinatra was famous for singing a song about New York and that it is a city that never sleeps, that it is a 24/7 city. The same can and has been said about Mumbai.

Nightlife in Mumbai
Nightlife in Mumbai

It is best when you combine everything and go to a bar and restaurant in Mumbai, also known Pubs in Mumbai, lounge bars in Mumbai or Mumbai bars. There are some cities or locations in India where there are large number of employees of BPOs (business process outsourcing) and there are places that cater to them by being open at unusual hours, like five or six in the morning (as they are getting off from work). Mumbai is not necessarily like that, and almost every business has the standard operating hours. Nevertheless, you can certainly enjoy yourself greatly at these exquisite places.

Leopold Cafe and Bar
Leopold Cafe and Bar:

Leopold Cafe and Bar. You cannot say that you have been to New York city if you have not visited the Statue of Liberty, and you cannot say that you have been to Mumbai if you not gone to Leopold Cafe and Bar. It is located along the Colaba Causeway, was a location targeted on 26/11, and it still retains the bullet holes and broken glass for historical posterity. It has a large and extensive menu, and features enormous containers of your favourite beer. It is given a 3-stars rating by classified sites.
Holiday Inn bar in Juhu Holiday Inn was the site of at least one Bollywood film. Shahrukh Khan and Jeetendra, among many others, are regular visitors here. You can get a wonderful Long Island Iced Tea for an equally wonderful price. It has a classic dark, mysterious and romantic ambience to it.
Goa Portuguesa in Matunga West. There are some foods that everyone enjoys and cannot get enough of. Chinese food is one of them, and another is Goan food. It has a vast array of delicious foods in its menu, including a delectable cream of chicken soup, and the price is quite affordable. It receives 3.9 stars from classified sites.

Nightlife Mumbai

Space considerations prevent the naming of the many wonderful Pubs in Mumbai. However, do go to these first. They are located through a broad swath of Mumbai so that you can find equally wonderful Mumbai bars in between.

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