Sex Toys – A Game Changer Indeed

sex toys


sex toysCraze around sex toys is obvious, thanks to staying at home during pandemic, which has made people conscious & avid about their sexual needs. Either with a partner or without one, in contemporary times like these, it is a cakewalk to satisfy sexual urges. Biggest reason for this sexual contentment is sex toys which are readily available offline and online.

Along with hype among girls for toys like Dildo and Vibrator, sex toys for men have been a word of mouth a lot. Online sex toy store like Naughty Nights, a widely famous e-shop, is an easy approach for many to get their hands on sex toys of their choice. With a huge variety for men, women and couples, these stores are flourishing with pleasing toys for everyone.

But Why Sex Toys?

Undoubtedly, sex toys impact positively on bodies. Gone are the days when people would consider use of sex toys only at times during sexual health issues. In this day and age, sex toys are accustomed for contentment and exhilaration during intimate times.

Perks of using sex toys are abounding, to mention a few:

● Better Sexual Life: Assuredly, with help of sex toys, sexual life can be made more exciting. Usual sex routine can become monotonous and dull, this can even lead to disinterest in any sexual act and thereby crumbling of a relationship. Involving sex toys in intimate times results in better understanding of one’s body & erogenous zones, exciting new positions and greater satisfaction. Ergo, better sexual life with sex toys.

● Foreplay: For some couples, the topic of foreplay seems like a huge abyss. The reason behind this is incompetency to know body needs and significance of pleasure. Foreplay is must before sexual intercourse to initiate arousal and for gratification during sex. Without foreplay, sex lacks thrill and sex toys are perfect for a pleasing play. From massaging to orally pleasing your partner with sex toys, they do the complete job for

● Better stimulation: Stimulation is a paramount for a satisfying sexual experience and better stimulation is achieved by the use of sex toys. Vibrators, dildos, massagers, lickers, suckers are one of the sex toys which manoeuvre gracefully in bringing about stimulation.

● Better Health: Besides being sexually significant, sex toys also are a blessing for health. Sex toys build up stamina for intercourse and thereby leading to better heart health too. Moreover, satisfying sexual needs are directly related to burning calories, thus better sleep and low stress levels. Also, in women to be specific, sex toys help in calming period pains and cramps, to name a few, dildo, vibrator, massagers, they all act as a boon for ladies.

● Aid in curbing Impotency Issues: Most men suffer from issues like low libido, erection difficulty and early ejaculation problems when they reach a certain age, for such dilemma sex toys for men work wonders. There are a myriad of toys available like penis sleeves, penis pumps, etc. which help in assisting men to perform sexually well.

● More Orgasms: Use of sex toys results in better stimulation, great stamina and amazing sexual performance which undoubtedly leads to better and more orgasms. With their ability to reach and stimulate erogenous zones which otherwise are not aroused during intercourse sometimes, sex toys stunningly help to reach the climax.

Popular Sex Toys in times like Pandemic

Pandemic has definitely hit many businesses and markets but somehow managed to bloom the structure of sex lives of people. Consequently, the sales of sex toys also thrived. According to a report by Grand View Research, sex toy market saw an up-rise of 26% in the pandemic times.

Though being a big Taboo, Indians are still buying Sex Toys Online in which Tier 2 Cities are very close to tier 1 Cities.There has been a jump of almost 30% in the sale of Dildo, Vibrators and Bondage kits.

Sitting idle at home with partners or being alone somehow has shifted the interest of people on their sexual lives, thus on how to make it more rousing. From trying different sexual positions to instruments for entertainment in intercourse, everything is trendy these days.

Apart from others, there are few sex toys which people have been using enthusiastically, including:

● G-spot Vibrator: G-spot vibrator is the most famous among women. It works by stimulating g-spot in women. Mostly in the shape of penis, it is comparatively longer and broader to hit that right spot and to satisfy the desires of the lady. They come in a range of sizes and colors. Also, vibrating effect in these sex toys works like a charm for the women.

● Dildo: From men to women, craze of dildos is unavoidable, men love to get their hands on strap-on dildos while women love themselves some long and realistic dildos. They have an uncanny resemblance to penis and are a perfect sex toy for ones craving an actual experience.

● Rabbit Vibrators: It is an another set of sex toys which is widely used because of its 2 in 1 quality. Along with penetration into the vagina it also helps in massaging the outer areas of the vagina to induce the arousal. It’s name is also based on the rabbit looking ears that its structure possesses.

● Rotating Anal Plugs: A new sensation among users, anal plugs with rotating feature are perfect for anal sex. They are convenient in size making them easily insert-able in the anal cavity.

● Silicone Butt Plugs: For women and men wanting an easy way to enjoy anal sex toys, this is a perfect tool. These soft and soothing butt plugs are easily pushed into the anus due to their suitable size and texture.

● Couples massager and vibrator: Unique sex tools among couples remain the top choice in sex toy industry. Toys like massager and vibrator for couples to enjoy together has been in demand. Also known as a couple vibrator, they are usually c-shaped to enjoy the massaging experience together.

● Cock Rings: Used by men, cock rings work by wrapping them on penis leading them to put pressure on penis and thus providing long-lasting orgasms and more stimulation. They are additionally known as Penis rings and are also used for extra pleasure during anal sex.

With the curiosity surrounding the sex toy realm, technologically advanced sex toys have also paved their way into the bedrooms of many. Gone are the times when it was a hush-hush topic, rather people feel more confident talking about their intimate desires. And so should everyone, sex toys are full of pleasure, satisfaction, boon for sexual health and an excitement-filled objects, so why not?

On that note, it is time for the ones who have not yet explored this sensual world to try n number of amazing sex toys. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the bandwagon and have the best time of your life that you never had!

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