SEO Salary Guide

How much is the salary of an SEO analyst? If you have any questions regarding the SEO market and the SEO positions in general, this infographic can be of help to you. It has charted the jobs as per countries and shown the payment range of each country. There are so many jobs in the world which we do not know about. SEO is one of those lesser known jobs. The term stands for Search Engine Optimization.

This infographic called “SEO Salary Guide” sheds ample light on the amount of salary given to the person holding each of these positions. Since not much is usually known about the workings of this field, it is insightful to have someone hand out such vast information in just one picture. It will clear all your questions about the field and the salary ranges in general. It also gives you an idea about how many people in the US are actually associated with it.

As you know there are many search engines and so many websites to fill them up, these SEO analysts do nothing but the optimize the websites to stay on top of the list of the search engines. It is very important for a website to stay on top of the list – since the higher they are, the more visitors they are going to get. This is why SEO is a huge business around the world. There are SEO analysts, SEO managers and SEO Copywriter and such others.


It is nicely presented and well organized.


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