The Scenic Route to a Longer Life


If hitting the gym either in the morning and evening or even going on a diet is not your thing, you can still have a healthy life by following a certain routine and keep up good health. Munched a ham burger for lunch? Don’t worry about calories; you can still have a healthy life by doing a few things in your daily routine and avoiding a few things. In this infographic titled, The Scenic Route to a Longer Life you will read what you can do daily to have a healthy life.

You just take a walk, drink more coffee, eat chocolate moderately, drink herbal teas, eat more garlic, love your mom, and do a variety of feel good things in life for good health and a long life than doing exercise alone. Most importantly, it is important to keep your thoughts positive and do away with any kind of pessimism and any kind of toxic behavior in order to live a good life. A free mind that is away from any kind of clutter in thinking encourages to towards good actions and making a good life out of it.

If you want longevity, make sure you choose the right kind of spouse and also try to be the right person yourself. Emotions pay a major role in shaping our health and life. So, make wise choices to have a better life other than just exercising.


The practical side of good living depicted in this infographic.


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There are certain widely accepted paths to good health and a longer life. But if quitting smoking, eating a balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy weight aren’t your thing, what’s an aspiring centenarian to do?

scenic route to a longer Life


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