Santa’s Mixed Christmas Drink Recipes From Around The World

Santa's Mixed Christmas Drink Recipes From Around The World 1

Don’t drink and drive.

There are some things that should not be mixed or brought together. When we were children, we often combined various household detergents and cleaners in an effort to create a super-cleanser that would be able to clean anything and everything extremely efficiently and effectively. At one time, this involved combining bleach with ammonia (if we remember the specific components correctly). This was before we took Chemistry in high school. Fortunately, there were no explosions and although the fumes were powerful, no one died as a result of it. We certainly do not recommend trying it at home.

We also enjoyed mixing various liquids, and especially fruit juices, to get new and intriguing tastes. As an adult, on our 21st birthday, we tried mixing milk with Jack Daniels in an effort to make the powerful drink more palatable. Unfortunately, it did not work and we passed out shortly thereafter.

However, when it comes to Christmas drinks, then anything is possible and welcomed, as evidenced in this “Santa’s Mixed Christmas Drink Recipes From Around The World” infograph. The secret seems to be in getting ingredients that are sweet. In this regard, juices feature prominently and include orange juice, cranberry juice, lemon juice and apple cider. Other sweet items include ice cream, eggnog, chocolate, orange liqueur, coffee liqueur, peppermint schnapps, ginger ale and others. The most common alcoholic drinks seem to be vodka and rum.

If you can create a drink mixed from all of these then you will surely be on the right track. Or simply make the eggnog in New England which uses large amounts of delicious items.

Likes: In addition to the New England eggnog, we also like the “Santa’s Stiff Hot Chocolate”.

Dislikes: A well thought-out infographic, there’s nothing to dislike.

Santa’s been throwing ’em back for a few centuries and has zipped around the world a thousand times, which has been plenty of time to pick up some wicked Christmas drink recipes.

In this infographic from Treetopia are some of his favorite mixed drinks he’s collected from around the globe – complete with easy-to-follow mixing instructions. More than just your father’s traditional eggnog recipe!

Christmas Drink Recipes

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