Visual timeline of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rise and fall

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 continues to be a big problem for Samsung. Sales have stopped as of yesterday. What happened during the launch of the Samsung smartphone? According to Samsung itself the Note 7 is the “smartphone that thinks big”.

The smartphone was unveiled with great fanfare in the United States at the 2nd of August. With new features such as an iris scanner and large battery the top-notch quality displayed in the Note 7 was supposed be a unique selling point for the phone.

Initial response from consumers was beyond predictions with record sales in the first weeks. Only three weeks later the first reports of Note 7 devices exploding and catching fire appeared in the news all around the world. It didn’t take much time before users were posting pictures and videos on social media showcasing the burned devices to the world.

Just after more than 100 incidents Samsung decided to recall all sold Note 7 devices – a staggering number of more than 2.5 million smartphones. Users were giving the choice to either replace the device or a refund.

One month later Samsung resumed sales of the Note 7 in the first countries.

In the days following there are a number of incidents with replacement devices catching fire again. Samsung said they were looking into the reports while investigating each and every case. It didn’t take long before the news was all over it again.

AT&T and T-Mobile decided to stop issuing new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to safety concerns. This is all lead to Samsung adjusting its shipments for the phone and later deciding it’s all over for the Galaxy Note 7. The rise and fall of the Galaxy Note 7 is one the most spectacular nightmares for a tech company of this size.

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Below you can find the full timeline created by with everything that happened to the Note 7 smartphone in a visual format.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rise and fall
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rise and fall

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