Rocket-Proof Obama Mobile

There has been a lot of buzz lately regarding the custom made car for President Barack
Obama. This high security customized limousine has been designed to offer top security to the president of United States. It is expected to travel with him wherever he goes around the world.

This infographic titled “Rocket-Proof Obama Mobile” covers all information about this mean machine. This vehicle has been built on a Cadillac chassis by General Motors in Detroit. The company hasn’t revealed everything about this vehicle as this has been built with the sole purpose of offering security to the president.

This infographic has covered all basic information about the “Obama Mobile”. This vehicle can withstand attack even from chemical companies. It is loaded with electronic communication systems to help the president connect with the world. It can also survive rocket impacts as well as biochemical attacks. The body has been made of titanium, ceramics, dual hardness steel and aluminum to survive any kind of external attack.

The accessories in Obama Mobile include tear gas cannons, pump action shotguns and night vision cameras. It is also being said that the vehicle would carry blood bottles matching with that of the president in case of any emergency. This infographic is quite cool and covers all the basic facts about this mean machine which would carry one of the most powerful man around the world.
Likes: Cool description of facts, Clear description of the vehicle and its features.

Dislikes: Too much of text .

Rocket-Proof Obama Mobile 1


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