Rock Climbing As a Sport


Rock Climbing As a Sport 1

Hiking and biking are some of the favorite sports for nature enthusiasts but if you are looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, rock climbing is the way to go. Hanging 40 feet from the ground appears risky but with proper training and technique, participants are able to experience the very best that nature has to offer. Other than its adrenalin pumping qualities, rock climbing is a great way to keep fit and to exercise your body. It provides participants with an intense aerobic workout that helps build their upper body strength and improve their cardiovascular fitness. It also builds brain capacity since participants are required to think so as to come up with the easiest way to climb the rocks. Those who are interested in rock climbing as a sport should understand a few things to be able to engage in the sport safely and here are some of them.

  1. Technique is very important.

Rock Climbing As a Sport 2

Rock climbing is a challenging sport and you will require proper technique to be able to engage in the sport successful. Falls from cliffs can be very fatal but with proper technique, you will be able to prevent this from happening. To move up the surface, you should use your legs for thrust rather than pulling yourself up using your hands. This is because pulling yourself up may tire your arms up and this may affect your stability when climbing. You should also learn proper handling techniques so as to improve your grip. Powdering your hands with chalk dust will keep them dry and improve your grip.

  1. Gear up appropriately.

Rock Climbing As a Sport 3

You need appropriate gear for your rock climbing expeditions. Your shoes should be ideal for climbing and the best are those with rubber soles that provide better grip such. If you will be traversing through snowy conditions, you should get slip on crampons for better grip in those tough conditions. The interior should also be soft so as to keep you comfortable when climbing the rocks. You can wear gloves to protect your fingers if the outdoor conditions are not comfortable. You should, however, be careful when picking gloves for your climbing expeditions as the wrong gloves could compromise your grip when climbing. You should also make sure that your climbing gear is not heavy since heavy climbing gear will weigh you down and make it difficult for you to climb.

  1. You should train regularly to improve your skill.

Rock Climbing As a Sport 4

The fatal nature of rock climbing makes training very important before engaging in the sport. If you dive head first into the sport without proper training you may fall and this may result in injuries to the head or spine and even death. Participants should, therefore, make time to training and only engage in the sport when they are convinced of their climbing abilities. You should set up a schedule where you engage in activities that improve your balance and strength. Push-ups and pull-ups will improve your strength to weight ratio and make it easy to for climbing the rocks. Cardiovascular workouts are also great as they improve your flexibility and ability to maneuver tricky channels.


To climb effectively and safely, participants should wear proper gear and train in advance so as to improve their climbing skills.