Rise of Crowd Powered Business

There had been a rise in companies and organizations that utilize crowdsourcing.

Here are just some of the key take-aways:
– Increasing number of organizations and even governments have recognized the power of crowds and are utilizing crowdsourcing for everything from design, marketing, administration, innovation to marketing researh and raising money.
– Examples of organizations that used crowdsourcing are the following:
– DesignContest with over 1,000 contests currently live.
– Odesk crowd sourced labor with 2,461 035 hours worked, Over $25 million earned, over 135,000 jobs posted.
– Trada crowd sourced online advertising with over 2000 PPC experts, 9030 adverts created.
– ChallengePost crowd sourced problem solving as used by Samsung, Mozilla, and White House.
– Iceland crowdsourced its latest constitution.

Rise of Crowd Powered Business

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