Reflexology: A Close Look

Reflexology: A Close Look 1

This amulet will protect you from the evil eye. Would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? I have the lease to it and can sell it to you for a very cheap price. It is amazing what people believe. It does not always help that Wikipedia is very main-stream. For example, it repeats and perpetuates the lies of global warming, carbon-tax proponents. However, it does pooh-pooh the concept surrounding reflexology, which has as much objective basis as does phrenology.

It does not help that the “Reflexology: A Close Look” infographic is so incomplete. It merely shows the feet (from the bottom and from the sides) and the location of the nerves from various parts of the body that supposedly terminate in the feet. The theory is if you apply pressure or if you rub various parts of the feet then it will have a conducive effect on the corresponding body part.

If you have a broken leg bone, or jaundice, then does rubbing the broken bone or the liver produce desired health benefits? Obviously not. Then why would rubbing a nerve that needs to the body part be any more efficacious? Perhaps that is why the infographic is silent. It cannot justify its belief system.

We suppose, though, that this infographic does provide some good purpose, though. If you are an up-and-coming artist and want to learn how to draw, paint or sculpt feet then this infographic can provide a good basis for that.

Now I am awaiting a palmistry infographic.

Likes: Very detailed infographic.

Dislikes: We just wish the information was presented in an easily readable manner.

Reflexology is a popular alternative and complementary healing technique that aims to reduce stress and pain in different parts of the body.Via:


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