Real Estate Industry in Social Media

A number of social innovations have been experienced by the real estate industry in the past few years. The pros of using social media are in providing schedule showings, showcasing local enterprise and online property tours. This infographic titled “Real Estate Industry in Social Media” has been created after analyzing more than 7,000 small business accounts and 500 posting accounts specific to the real estate industry.

This infographic features interactive graphical tools and pie charts to depict facts and figures pertaining to the real estate industry in social media. 84% of real estate professionals make use of social media. 79% of them make use of Facebook, 48% use Twitter, 29% LinkedIn, 15% Word Press, 12% YouTube and more. 55% of real estate professionals have stated that they are comfortable using social media for their activities.

The app is changing the game for real estate industry professionals. Facts about this app have been covered in this infographic. The average time spent on this app by its users is 16 minutes. Users look at 20,000 homes per hour using the app. There have been over 3.3 million downloads of the app. This infographic also covers a comparison between real estate industry and other small businesses. A larger presence of real estate industry can be witnessed on Facebook and YouTube. This infographic is quite an amazing one and covers mind blowing facts pertaining to the industry.

Likes: Interesting topic, brilliant use of graphical tools.

Dislikes: Nothing negative, overall an excellent infographic.

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Real Estate Industry in Social Media

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