Radiator Designs That Break the Mold

Radiator Design

Radiators are a good, efficient, and affordable home heating option and are an essential part of most modern homes. However, these conventional home heaters can take up your wall space and are sometimes considered an eyesore.

Fortunately, radiators can help to change the look and feel of your home since you can transform them into a desirable design statement to give your home instant style points. Also, there are various cool radiator styles and designs to choose from to save space and enhance or compliment your home interior while keeping the space warm the old-fashioned way. Below are some radiator designs that break the mold without forcing you to leave your sense of style and fashion out in the cold.

The customized radiator

customized radiator

Do you want to create your own wall art to enhance your interior décor and keep your space warm? If yes, then you can ditch the traditional look and feel of a radiator and take things a step further by customizing your own home heating source.

The Barry electric radiator design from Viadurini is perfect for all environments or room spaces and allows you to customize its looks by selecting the picture you’d love to print on it. With this design, you can create your wall art with a landscape scene, or your favorite painting or your family photo (if you don’t consider that a bit outrageous or excessively flamboyant) for instant style points.

The heatwave


With this award-winning Rococo designer piece by Joris Laarman hanging on a wall, you’d be forgiven to mistake it for a mere work of art without realizing that it is even a radiator. The heatwave is a true art radiator as it simply brings power, warmth, and beauty together. It blends seamlessly into any interior space and looks as if it belongs there while chunking out a good amount of heat.

This fascinating modular heating system is manufactured from lightweight concrete in addition to aluminum fortified with glass fiber. It comprises of four shapes that connect to one another and can be arranged or extended to form gorgeous individual designs.

The Circo freestanding radiator

Circo freestanding radiator

The Iguana Circo radiator from Jaga is a fully functional heat source and work of art. Not only can it be sized to fit any environment or room space to heat it, but it can also be fitted around a pillar in the middle of a room to give your home interior an instant artistic statement. You can even use it as a stand-alone pillar of warmth.

This radiator is ideal for open spaces or larger rooms and is available in different color and height options. We love the fact that this model is customizable with additional features like a hat rack or shelves to transform it into a new entryway or hallway essential.



This surprising, elegant, innovative wooden system from Jaga is the first radiator made of wood. The radiator features a beautiful yet simple grill design that curves graciously along the wall for an instant artistic statement in any interior. The radiator is available in different sizes and in different types of wood to suit the look of your home interior.

It chunks out a good amount of heat and boasts lower energy consumption due to its low-H2O core that helps to save energy while ensuring a higher warmth output.



You’ll be forgiven for mistaking this radiator from Cordivari design for an Anish Kapoor sculpture. This radiator is made of a polished, refined stainless steel and reaches a maximum temperature of about 95 ⁰C to help you fulfill your requirement in terms of design and thermal performances.

The radiator comes in a single size of 50 by 170 centimeters with uneven water evoking surface plane that can be mounted vertically or horizontally to your wall for amazing interior style points.



The Diamond radiator from FOURSTEEL® is a geometric treat for the eyes as it looks nothing like how you’d expect a radiator to look. Its value lies in its heat emission capacity as well as its colors and its geometric shape that looks like diamonds.

This radiator was conceived to deliver a heating solution that goes with the conceptual differentiation and evolution of modern spaces. It comes in different color finishes (such as RAL colors, gold, white, old gold, textured black or brushed metal) and three different sizes – XS (90 by 104 cm), horizontal configuration (150 by 120 cm), and vertical configuration (120 by 150 cm).

The Bernini radiator

Bernini radiator

The Bernini radiator from Hotech Design easily passes for a wall of art. this functional heat source and work of art does not only chunk out a good amount of heat but also blends seamlessly into any interior space and looks as if it belongs there. It comes in different color options and is available both hydraulic and electric version, so you can get or select one that suits your needs.

Xcite designer radiator

Xcite designer radiator

This vertical designer radiator from Hudson Reed will not only warm up your space but will also transform it into an attractive and inviting space. The radiator features a space-saving design and high-quality steel construction that delivers an excellent heat output as well as a brilliant black finish that will complement the look of any interior space.

DIY radiator

DIY radiator

Do you want to turn an old or exposed existing radiator that is a bit of an eyesore to a radiator with an edge? If yes, then consider painting it with excellent multi-surface paint especially the one that is suitable for radiators. If you want to add retro accent to your room design, painting your old or exposed radiators is a stylish way and one of the modern interior decorating ideas to achieve that.

Highlight your radiator with a color that contrasts with your wall or paints it together with your walls for an edgy one-tonal color scheme. We love this bright and vibrant teal colored radiator with the teal colored walls.

Add radiator a cover

Add radiator a cover

Is your old or existing radiator becoming an eyesore? Adding a radiator cover is a great and stylish way to hide your radiator, add characters into your home spaces, and enhance your home interior. Building and installing a radiator cover can also be a relatively simple and cost-efficient DIY task. There are a lot of pierced front panel and radiator cover options available in the home improvement stores, so you can check your local store for the grid, mosaic, and cloverleaf designs.

Do you want to turn the old-fashioned or exposed radiators in your home that is becoming an eyesore to an important part of your interior decor? Or are you looking for a modern radiator design to transform the look and feel of your home interior? One of the radiator designs mentioned above might be all you need.

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