Is the program offered by IB schools in Gurgaon good for your child?

program offered by IB schools in Gurgaon

program offered by IB schools in Gurgaon

The IB schools in Gurgaon are best known for their two-year International Baccalaureate program. The course is one of the most sought-after curricula in the world to evaluate and prepare the students. Students benefit from the multi-facet approach of the school.

The role of quality education goes a long way in a child’s life. A strong foundation will help the student secure better results.

The last decade witnessed a fluent rise in parents opting to go for international boards. The IB schools have created a parallel space in the Indian education system. The budding parents have identified the surge. The current scenario calls for a discipline that will educate the kids and prepare them to become self-sufficient in dealing with rigorous competition.

As the fresh session is about to commence soon, many budding parents are looking for schools to admit their child for the first time. Any parents who have previously sent their kids to school will attest that school hunting is not a pretty sight at all. It is a grinding process and takes a toll, both on parents and the child to some extent. The international schools in Gurgaon have become the answer to many parents. The use of a unique theory and practice to help students become more application-centric is the revolutionary recipe of these schools. The school is helping the child gain exposure similar to their international counterpart. The success of the students studying in the international school is a testimony of the far-fetching impact the IB curriculum has on the student’s life. Here are the salient features to help strengthen the case for the IB schools in Gurgaon.


High acceptance in top colleges and universities

The students studying in the IB schools are prepared to match the international standards. The credits given by the IB Board are accepted as a legal purchase in various countries. The students with IB Diploma will be treated similarly to their counterparts applying from other countries. When the student applies to colleges and universities abroad for higher education they have a distinct advantage of being considered for the position.


International curriculum offered by the school

This is perhaps the chief reason why most parents opt to send their child to an international school. Studying in an IB school is a unique opportunity for kids. The Board offers distinct advantages and symmetry to its students. The updated curriculum of the school helps the students stay focused and on track with the modern competition.

The purpose of the IB board is to help the students prepare for the international diploma. The comprehensive education structure of IB school focuses on the overall development of the child. Rather than just trying to secure good grades, the school understands the various aspects of child development. Preparing the ground for critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving, the IB schools in Gurgaon help the student with real-life challenges. The school has devised ways to expand knowledge and skills with the help of practical sessions.

Cognitive learning is very important to all humans. The IB schools in Gurgaon build on the same profile to help the students understand the concepts through the mode of practical application.

Perennial learning

The greatest dilemma faced by the traditional education system in the country is its inability to produce lifelong learning. The students are mostly relegated to filling their brains with disjointed facts that get emptied in the examination hall. This results in creating students who excel in grades but lack in function. One of the main reasons for this misfortune is the inability of the school to provide practical education to the students.

At the IB school, the students get to learn through the practical application of the concepts. This helps the students engage in understanding the application part of the education, critical to their future development.

Importance of language programs

Communication is the backbone of any successful preposition. The absence of effective communication will falter any model; no matter how well it is planned. The role of globalization has an immense impact on our lives. It has led to creating a local village for all of us. As boundaries begin to close, we must be able to understand as many people, cultures, and languages as possible. This greatly enhanced our chances of successfully interacting with each other.

The IB schools pay a lot of attention to helping the students achieve language prowess. Besides English, the school provides the avenue to learn many other languages. The students must undertake a foreign language of their choice as a second language course. The difficulty level of the program keeps updating as the student finishes the desired level. Upon the successful completion of the course, the students get a diploma in a foreign language. The ability to communicate in a foreign language comes in handy for students who apply for higher education at foreign colleges and universities.

Superior extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activity is more than playing games on the field. It helps to shape the personality often a child. Extracurricular activities are vital for the proper growth and development of a child. Students taking part in extracurricular activities regularly are prone to better results compared to students missing on the activity.


There are many advantages of the programs offered by the IB schools in Gurgaon. The state-of-art infrastructure is best suited for parents looking beyond the traditional education system.

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