Process Server vs Sheriff

Process Server vs Sheriff 1

Who do you think is better at handling the legal papers – a process server or the sheriff? This is the impending question that this infographic raises. It aims to answer it towards the end as well. As we all know, a sheriff has more duties than a process server. So there are chances that at certain times, he may get more distracted with other important matters. He aims to close cases, while a process server has to handle all the legal papers itself. So who is better when it comes to handling those papers? It is obviously the process server. This is no hidden fact.

In this infographic “Process Server vs. Sheriff” you will get to know what the idea of the general public is, regarding this. Whom do the customers prefer for getting the services done? This infographic shows that almost 78% of the people prefer the Process Servers to the Sheriffs to get their works done. This is more illuminating as ever. Not only that, it will show you exactly how the process servers work faster and how the sheriffs seem to get behind the servers.

Hence, it is proved that the process servers indeed are faster at this job than the others. So if you look only at this aspect, ignoring the rest of the duties of the sheriff, then you will have it, that the process servers are faster. This is what is implied here, to have a more detailed look you can save this infographic for future.


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A comparison of process servers and sheriffs in regards to serving legal papers.

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Process Server vs Sheriff 2

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