The Difference Between Preparing For IAS With Coaching And Without Coaching


There is a lot of difference between preparing for IAS exam with coaching and without proper coaching. If you do not attend a coaching class, the chances of you keeping up with the planned schedules are close to nil. Whereas, in a coaching class, you will be working with scheduled work timing and will also have consistency in preparations.

Without coaching, your learning environment will be limited to the 4 walls of your home. But, with coaching, you get to meet your peers, and you learn more by interactions with your peers and teachers. When you learn from a Coaching Center, it is an entirely new place and new learning experience for you.

Hence, it can help you to reduce your stress and exam fear. Whereas, when you sit at home and study, you miss interactions with peers and other like-minded people. Hence, the stress elements can also increase.

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