8 Popular Platform for Company Information and Research

8 Popular Platform for Company Information and Research 1

8 Popular Platform for Company Information and Research 2

Sale professionals, industry executives, and consultants often need accurate information which is up-to-date about a company for various competitive intelligence goals and business goals that include: 

  • Understanding different aspects of a company like its financial health and key segments of your business 
  • Qualifying and identifying potential customers, suppliers, affiliates, and so on.  
  • To put a search on acquisition and investment targets.  
  • Capitalizing on the weaknesses of your competitors.  
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of your client’s business and increasing the number of sales 
  • Tracking corporate news such as contract wins, business expansion, and restructuring. 
  • Initiating business deals by accessing key employees.  

Popular firms that produce a company research report, so that you have all the necessary information include: 

  • Tofler

Tofler is the largest private company in India that provides detailed company research reports. The reports provided by this organization include competitive bench-marking, sales meeting prep, private equity research, market sizing, the credit assessment, vendor/client on-boarding, and others. 

  • MarketResearch.com 

MarketReasearch.com provides you a detailed company research report across major industries around the globe. Varieties of market research companies produce company research reports. These reports contain valuable information of a company in a quick-read format, preferable in a PDF file. You are required to enter the company’s name, which you would like to search for on the search bar present on the homepage to pull up the desired results.  

  • Global Data 

Global data is a leading source of gaining actionable insights into the technology, healthcare sectors, and consumer goods. Global data is known for publishing different types of company profiles. They even provide a financial review and a concise strategic SWOT Analysis. A careful study using the descriptions and information provided by Global data will certainly lead you towards business goals and help you come up with sharp points in the case of discussion or arguments.  

  • ICD Research 

ICD Research is a popular website that publishes around thousands of company profiles across a broad range of business domains such as construction, packaging, retail, mining, travel, defense, travel and tourism, and consumer products. The company research report provided by ICD Research contains information in-depth about the company and the operations they perform. Such operations performed by the company include financial ratios, products, services, and data about their key employees. Going through these profiles might be time-consuming but is certainly worth the process as you will achieve a better understanding of the client’s business, thereby increasing the number of sales or in the identification of the potential customers of the company, and so on. 

  • Market Line 

Market Line is one of the most prolific publishers of company research reporters there are today. The reports of the company publish a 360-degree view of the organization or the company. These include strategic case studies, SWOT detailed analysis, details of acquisition deals, and company mergers. Market Line is known to present information in an easy-to-read format, mostly in a PDF viewer. This makes the data much more accessible without having to spend hours looking for what we desire and in understanding the information much easier. You are required to enter the company’s name, which you would like to search for on the search bar present on the homepage to pull up the desired results. 

  • PrivCo

PrivCo is a well-known organization that is known to provide private financial information about companies. This organization researches approximately 900,000 private companies on a world scale. PrivCo aggregates information from various sources that include news sources, regulatory filings, and industry resources. The information on this page is refined with the help of algorithms; the achieved results are then reviewed and later are given a check by analysts. The financial report from this organization can be drawn from an easy-to-read format as well.   

  • SGA Executive Tracker

The SGA Executive Tracker produces telephone verified executive lists. These lists are verified every 3 months to maintain their accuracy. In addition to the executive company reports and contacts provided by the SGA Executive Tracker, the reports also include headquarter locations, ticker symbols, report revenues, a list of the key decision-maker, and the number of employees for each company profiled by the tracker.  

  • Timetric

The Timetric organization’s company reports include studies from a variety of sectors that include infrastructure, payments, insurance, construction, mining, insurance, and wealth. This company provides insight information using company profiles and SWOT analysis reports. This is known to help both the internal and external factors that have an impact on industries. They will help you in recognizing potential partnerships and suppliers.  

  • World Market Intelligence 

World Market Intelligence covers around 75,000 leading companies and organizations around the world. This organization provides SWOT analysis for the top 10,000 companies. The company financials are reported on a quarterly and annual basis.  

You can browse through any of the websites mentioned earlier to find accurate company reports that will help you in your further business decisions and to obtain a better understanding of companies to increase sales.

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