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Plastic Surgery: What Can You Get For 7.000 Euros?

Let’s say you have the budget of 7.000 euros (around 9.000 USD) and you are eager to have cosmetic surgery to finally improve certain details that have been bothering you for ages. Cosmetic surgery may seem like pricey affair, but if you think outside your home country and look at the broader picture abroad you may be pleasantly surprised.

The infographic Plastic Surgery: What Can You Get For 7.000 euros? produced by sets out to explore the cost of 7 most common plastic surgeries (breast enlargement, abdominal liposuction, tummy tuck, thigh liposuction, breast lift, vein varicose and arm lift) in 9 European countries. The research is based on average prices; in each country 3-5 clinics were surveyed.

The infographic presents how much you can afford in different countries. For instance, Lithuania turns out to be the only country of all the surveyed where you can get all 7 surgeries and fit in 7.000 euros budget. Hungary with 71% also seems appealing. However, as you go furhter west, the prices grow.

In Germany, Denmark and France you can afford 3 surgeries, which is 43%, while in the UK, Ireland, Italy and Sweden the rate stands at 29%. Have a look at the infographic and learn more about your possibilities abroad.

Plastic Surgery: What Can You Get For 7.000 Euros?