How To Plan A Corporate Team Outing To Get The Most Out Of It

How To Plan A Corporate Team Outing To Get The Most Out Of It 1

Team Outing

Employees are the biggest asset for a company. For better performance and output of the business, it is of utmost importance to work with the employees in a conducive way. From celebrating talents, employee initiatives to wellness programs and team building – a corporate team outing is one of the distinctive ways to promote employee efficiency and motivation.

Bangalore, being a major hub for corporate culture in India, is surrounded by several luxury resorts and destinations that are perfect for corporate team outings. Be it in one of the resorts for team outing in Bangalore or just an adventure destination, a corporate team outing takes a lot of planning. Here is how to plan a corporate team outing to get the most out of it.

Plan well in advance

Corporate team outings require a lot of planning and hence should start at least one or two months in advance. There are various factors involved in the process including budget approvals, selection of venue, employee availability, itinerary, activity planning, etc. It is always best to take time much ahead of the day, take important decisions right and have ample space and time to execute the plans. Planning done well in advance helps arrange an outing effectively.

Employee interest matters

A corporate team outing is about the team and so it is very important to keep the interest of the people in mind when planning for it. Understand the interest of employees, their preferences, etc through polls, discussions, and plan for the outing accordingly. Be it the location, food, activities, or dress codes, understanding employee preferences and inculcating them in the plan motivates the employees to join in and enjoy the outing to the maximum.

Resorts for Corporate Team Outings

Most of the big corporate offices arrange for team outings in luxury resorts to entail luxury experiences, natural environments, and fun activities for the employees. If the outing requires a stay over for the night, make sure that the resort has ample space, is safe and also has good ratings. Discovery Village is one of the adventure luxury resorts bringing the best of luxury experiences and adventurous escapes under one roof. With proximity to Bangalore city, it is one of the most preferred locations for a wholesome experience including adventurous activities, rejuvenation therapies, and luxury experiences.

Allocation of budget

Making the most of the budget is essential to make the outing a successful one. Apart from planning the budget right, make sure that the budget is allocated effectively across sections to make it suffice the costs required for the outing. From travel, stay, activities to food, and other indulgences, a budget should be carefully allocated across sections to draft a fulfilling experience.  Depending on the experience required and the agenda of the outing, spend your budget wisely.

Create a theme

Almost all the team outings address certain agendas for the offices. From promoting employee wellness to activities and adventure – the theme of the corporate team outing can be many. It is important to finalize the theme early on and make the arrangements accordingly. Hiring an event planner helps as they come up with their themes, arrangements, and planning which makes the task of planning and execution a smooth process. From making and crosschecking bookings to planning the event, activities, etc – an event planner plans corporate team outings to the very best.

Interesting activities

Outing with your office team should be fun and interesting. It should take the employees away from work mode into fun and play. And so when defining the activities to be undertaken, it should encourage the employees to connect, indulge and enjoy. Take employee suggestions to add fresh ideas to team outing activities. From introducing interesting games to adventurous activities like trekking, hiking, camping and more – add thrill to your corporate outing to make it enhance team bond, relationships and eventful.

Planning a team outing need not be a struggle. If your office is planning to take employees out for a fun trip, make the most of the opportunity and make the right decisions for maximum indulgence. Make your corporate team outing a fun, indulging and happening experience!

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  1. Planning a team is must for success. You must be having a team of good employees. I am agree employees are the biggest asset for a company.


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