Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers

You can get a lot of information about Super Bowl teams with this infographics. You will find specific information about the scores, performance of various super bowl teams, and other facts. In this infographic titled, “Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers,” you will see facts about two super bowl teams, who beat whom, and who won in which year.

Since the year 1969 to the year 2011, you will get precise information about teams that have participated, the number of attendants, the score of the teams, the location, stadiums they have been played that year, etc. You will also get statistics of the number of television viewers per match every time super bowl has been played. The year 2009 has recorded the longest run taken by a player. You also have the first African-Americans who played in the year 2007.

If you thought only fashion shows have wardrobe malfunctions, you might get that on super bowl matches too. May be not on the playground, but when celebrities watch each other and pin point the wardrobe malfunction, then we have a spot there too. But despite all this, the only thing that drives people is that if their favorite teams are going to win. You will see who made a record for greatest defensive plays and a variety of other interesting facts about super bowl in this exhaustive infographic.


Gives well organized information about all the important facts about the super bowl matches played till 2011.


Can be too much information all crammed into a small space.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers 1

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