What Is Your Period Called in Other Countries?

What Is Your Period Called in Other Countries? 1

While a large number of names exist the world over for a woman’s period, there are some that are just downright silly. This infographic from WomenHealthZone.com throws light upon just a few words and catch phrases for when you are wondering what to call your period in other countries.
Starting with Australia and the obvious political reference, ‘The communists have invaded’, this country has its share of bizarre phrases ranging from ‘I’ve got the painters in’ to ‘the English are coming.’

The United States too, has its share of random and funny names for a period. From bitchy witchy week to A little ketchup with my steak, to rebooting the ovarian operating system, these phrases range from entertaining to plain gross-as in the case of the phrase ‘attracting lesbian vampires.’

Women the world over enjoy making up names for themselves, each other, their friends, family members and even lovers- so it only makes sense that they would invent a whole bunch of phrases and code names for their period.

Denmark too, like Australia, uses the communist reference, along with other phrases like “I have the men’s frustration” and “I cook strawberry”. In China, we see the obvious difference in take on communism, as the Chinese use phrases such as ‘the red sister is coming.’

In terms of a visual, although colourful, the little symbols created to signify what I think is supposed to be a period, is a terrible illustration of a cross between a spooky ghost and a tooth. Design wise, apart from the bright colours, the infographic lacks a certain aesthetic.

Moving on to Canada, did you know that Canadian women call their periods a monthly statement? Or refer to the time of the month as seduction time with vampires and tears of a disappointed uterus? Latin America too, has its share of weird names and phrases such as ‘red sails in the sunset’, ‘walk like an Egyptian’ and ‘Did the rooster already sing?.’

France, New Zealand and Japan all have strawberry references with phrases like strawberry season, strawberry jam time and little miss strawberry being used respectively in each of the aforementioned countries.

While the actual usage and accuracy of these phrases remain to be tested, the Indian version , seems fairly strange with a weird phrase like ‘the crow has touched them’. Even if translated into Hindi, this phrase makes little sense.

The versions used in England however, are fairly entertaining and are as follows:
‘My Aunt parked her red Porsche outside’, ‘Little Albert is still a terrible myth’ ‘Liverpool are playing at home’, ‘I’m flying the Japanese flag’, ‘She’s got the painters in’ and ‘My steak is raw’.

Period called in other countries

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