Pathways in Nursing

Pathways in Nursing 1

This infographic is highly informative for any nursing hopeful. If you are venturing into the nursing profession, then you might as well want to give it a look, as it contains vital information for you. If you think that there is only one way to become a nurse, then have a look at this infographic, it will change your outlook about pursuing the career. This infographic was made to help the students realize that they can become a nurse very easily, and have a career with a prosperous future. Did you know that doctors have stated that almost always a medical error occurs due to the non availability of a nurse? There is a huge demand for the nurses and there is a dearth of good nurses almost everywhere. It is greatly valuable for the society as a whole if you become a nurse.

This infographic called “Pathways in Nursing” draws the chart pretty well and helps you to understand how you can become a nurse easily and methodically. The very first step is to get you registered. If you are thinking of taking this career seriously, then getting yourself registered is a very important step. In fact, according to statistics, there is going to be a rise in the number of registered nurses till the year 2018. About 22% more registered nurses are going to join the industry.

What’s more? If you are an RN license holder, then your salary will be 67K dollars on an average. This job really pays well.


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Nursing@Georgetown have created a breakdown of how to achieve a nursing career in order for nursing students to better understand and access their nursing profession choices.

Pathways in Nursing 2

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