Painted Portrait: A Special Gift for Your Dad

Painted Portrait: A Special Gift for Your Dad 1
Painted Portrait
Painted Portrait

We all have a superhero in our life and I must say we call him ‘DAD’.

A father’s love is not less than motherhood. It is stated that we can’t exist without our mother but we also can’t exist without our father too.

If our mother feeds us, cares for us then our father protects us from every bad soul and negative vibe that would affect us.

Being a father is not easy as well.

Our superheroes have unconditional love towards us and he tries every second to give us all the happiness his kids dream off.

“Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the advancement of man, the victory of a just cause, the triumph of truth.”  – Menachem Begin

man with guitar portrait
man with guitar portrait

A father’s deep love and affection assures us the feeling of being protected and living our life peacefully.

The man of our lives needs to be lifted up for the strength he provides us.

We are all inspired by our own fathers by the way they lead their family, does his work, teaches his kids the right and wrong and diverts his kids to the right path.

So, celebrate his strength on this occasion and give him a tribute of all the happiness he has given you till now.

A father always deserves something unique.

Are you still confused?

Yet not decided, how to make this day special?

We are here to suggest a unique present which would express your affection in the right way.

We all know that art is a form of creativity of expressing feelings and truth around us.

Earlier in the time of wars and battles, the kings used to have huge painted portraits which revealed their personality and made a forever mark in their memory.

indian couple oil portrait paintings
indian couple oil portrait paintings

They also had portrait paintings of their queens in the memory of their beauty and love.

Portrait paintings have always been a medium of revealing the strength, beauty, creativity, imagination and personality.

This is the reason people are still fond of turning a photo into painting these days in the memory of love and relationship they have with their loved one. 

Custom portraits have always been the best choice to be given as a gift as many options are available regarding this:

  • Oil portraits
  • Charcoal portraits
  • Pencil sketch portraits
  • Acrylic portraits
  • Watercolour portraits
  • Coloured pencil portraits
Painted Portrait: A Special Gift for Your Dad 2
couple oil portrait

You can get a personalised portrait from Portrait Flip. They provide the best portraits over there.

And as they say, every shade has its own beauty that would add a new glory to the bond we share with our father.

A custom painted oil portrait is a perfect gift as it is affordable, unique, customised and special.

Turning a photo into painting is the most unique idea and to make a remarkable moment with your father this year.

To the father growing old, nothing is dearer than his children.

old couple oil painting
old couple oil painting

Directly or indirectly, a father spends his whole life on his children by sacrificing his own wishes.

He always tries to get all the happiness to his children which he didn’t get in childhood.

He doesn’t tell us how to live, but lets us watch him to live life.

To all the superheroes in the world & to your own special one, celebrate his day and make him more strengthened by showing your love. Gift a portrait painting and create long lasting memories with the first man of your life.

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