Overseas Online Travel Insurance: Myths and Misconceptions

Overseas Online Travel Insurance: Myths and Misconceptions 1

Whether you are a solo globe trotter, a busy business traveler, or going abroad for studies, traveling brings excitement. But, overseas traveling can also expose you to unprecedented challenges and situations in a foreign country. Your enthusiasm can turn into a nightmare. Can you imagine what you will do in such a condition? Here travel insurance plays a vital role. It ensures that all your travel risks covered so that no loophole can deplete your travel budget on your journey. However, there is still a lot of confusion and misunderstanding amongst people for travel insurance. They think that it is not required and just a waste of money.

Overseas Online Travel Insurance: Myths and Misconceptions 2

Here are some popular myths and misconceptions people have about travel insurance:

Myth-1: Online Travel Insurance is a Scam

Fact- It is not a scam. People think that online agents offer travel insurance is fraud. However, the truth is travel insurance always covers your emergency medical and non-medical expenses that you may incur in a foreign land. So, instead of going for agents, you should always buy travel insurance from trustworthy travel insurance companies in India like Religare Health Insurance, Tata AIG, Bharti Axa, HDFC Ergo, etc.

Myth-2: All Online Travel Policies are Same

Fact- It is a prevalent myth that all online travel insurance policies are the same. However, it is not valid. The primary coverage can be the same, but most of the plans, benefits, exclusions, claim settlement, and process varies. You can easily read the fine print online available on the official websites of the companies. It depends on the nature of travel, country to travel, number of travel companions, sum insured levels, features, etc.

Myth-3: Travel Insurance Does Not Cover Pre-Existing Diseases

Fact- It is a myth that travel insurance does not cover pre-existing diseases. Reliable companies give coverage for pre-existing conditions as well. You can fly to foreign countries if you have diabetes or hypertension. So, if in case you need to hospitalized due to pre-existing diseases, your expenses will cover under your travel insurance.

Myth-4: Only Medical Emergencies are Covered

Fact- Travel insurance policy gives you complete protection. It not only covers your medical but also covers non-medical emergencies as well. It provides non-medical benefits like reimbursement for loss of passport/baggage, trip cancellation, trip delay, personal liability, etc.

Myth-5: Difficult to Buy Online Travel Insurance

Fact- It is a complete myth. You can easily buy travel insurance plans online. Go to the official websites of the travel insurance companies, enter your details, pick your plan, make the secure payment, and get your travel insurance policy in a short period. You do not require to visit the branch office to buy travel policy.


The idea behind traveling is to experience new things and make memories forever.

The exotic locations, magnificent landscapes, snowy mountains, and lip-smacking local cuisine are fascinating. But, foreign countries are also not immune to infections, allergies, fever, accidents, injuries, loss, and theft. So, flying without travel insurance consequences can be devastating. Therefore, do not believe in myths and opt for online travel insurance to enjoy your gallivant.

Have a happy and safe traveling!

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