Online Piracy in Numbers

Online Piracy in Numbers 1

Piracy is a big threat to the entertainment industry. Not only is this problem common in the west, but piracy is said to be in large numbers in the Indian subcontinent as well. With over 800 movies releasing every year, India faces a similar threat. From the economic point of view, a loss of a company is the loss of the public in general. Even though this perception cannot be fathomed macro-economically, it can be easily seen in our day to day lives.

Online Piracy in Numbers” is the infographic which shows the problems at large. It has managed to capture in numbers, the details of the piracy that we see in this industry. It helps us to know of the issue in details. It is essentially good if you are looking to find something of more proof.

If you are yet to know about the threats of piracy, then check this infographic out. What’s more shocking is that as much as 70% of the online masses feel that there is nothing wrong with piracy? What do you feel? Is there anything wrong with piracy? If not, then why not? What are your arguments for and against piracy?

Some people do not even know that piracy is a crime. They freely download things from the internet without knowing the repercussions. Anything which is that easily available is naturally more downloaded by the masses. Especially if the youth are in the question, then this happens more often, because they seldom stop to judge what they are doing.


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Online piracy is a serious problem and this infographic covers interesting facts and statistics about online piracy.

Online Piracy Infographic

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