Oktoberfest Facts

Oktoberfest Facts 1

The Oktoberfest of Munich is among the most popular festivals of Europe. It is renowned across the globe for its lively spirit and its unique appeal. In fact, the celebration takes place for as long as 17 days – Isn’t it astonishing? We do not think there are any other festivals in the world which are celebrated for such a long time. This festival has indeed proved to be one of great enthusiasm and liveliness among the people of Munich. It has become a tradition.

In this infographic called “Oktoberfest Facts” you will get to know all the lesser known facts about the event. Did you know that this event witnesses the presence of as much as 5 million visitors every year? Needless to say, it is a great source of income for the people living in Munich. During this festival, the entire aura of this place changes.

Not only is beer the main attraction of this festival, but you can also get to witness many traditions from the German and Bavarian side of the world. It is an excellent place to have fun if you are looking for some. If you want to attend it in the near future, it would help to know these few fun facts described in the infographic. It is one of the most cherished festivals in Europe. The infographic has captured the spirit of the event quite well in describing the facts.


The infographic has a good font and the colors used go well with it.


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It’s that time of year when Munich’s Oktoberfest is in full swing, the 17 day festival is one of the most famous events in Europe. Along with all the beer related activities, you can expect lots of Bavarian and German traditions.

With more than 5 million visitors a year, there are bound to be some fun facts.

Check out the Oktoberfest Infographic for some of the best facts from Oktoberfest…

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Oktoberfest Infographic

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