What are the odds in the Europe EuroJackpot Lottery?


The Europe EuroJackpot is among the world’s most famous lotteries. However, you might be very interested in learning more about how to win it. We encourage you to go through this article. There is a lot that you can learn about this including its odds and how to play EuroJackpot online from India and the other non-European countries.

This is a transnational lottery established in March 2012. Despite being usually overshadowed by EuroMillions, the spectacular EuroJackpot drawings, reasonably favorable odds, and large prizes make it a must-play lottery.

An Outline of its History

This was proposed in 2006 to compete with the EuroMillions. But it was formally inaugurated in 2011. The first draw took place on March 23, 2012. Since then, this has been growing in popularity all over the world. Needless to say, now, it has risen to a topmost position among all.


No doubt, you would surely like to know about its start jackpot and record jackpot. €10 million is its starting jackpot. In fact, this is a big one for a start. And when it comes to its jackpot cap, this has a jackpot cap of €90 million. It has reached its jackpot cap several times throughout its history.


Draw days and times

The drawings are held every Friday at 19:00GMT in Helsinki Finland.

What is the price of a ticket?

You would want to know how much the ticket costs. Tickets are €2 apiece and sales conclude at 19:00 CET on Fridays.

Rules of the Game

During each time you play this, you get to choose five numbers from 1 to 50, as well as two Euro numbers from 1 to 10. Because Euro numbers are drawn from a separate ball machine than primary numbers, the same number can be used as both a primary and a Euro number. So, simply pick five numbers and two Euro numbers.

Odds to win

You would certainly prefer to know your chances of winning. That is something we would want to tell you. Its odds are as follows:


Numbers Probability of winning
1 (jackpot) 5 + 2 1 : 95 344 200
2 5 + 1 1 : 5 959 013
3 5 1 : 3 405 150
4 4 + 2 1 : 423 752
5 4 + 1 1 : 26 485
6 4 1 : 15 134
7 3 + 2 1 : 9 631
8 2 + 2 1 : 672
9 3 + 1 1 : 602
10 3 1 : 344
11 1 + 2 1 : 128
12 2 + 1 1 : 42


This is it. We hope that you could get a clear idea through this. And we hope that you understand that there is a good chance for you to win here. All that you need to have is a bit of luck. If you have that so-called luck, you can grab incredible prizes that some of you may if not only dream of.

Playing from India

This is open to people from all around the world. When it comes to international lotteries, you have the ability to play them online. Because of that, you can play this game from India as well. But how do you do it? In general, there are three options.

  • Pay a visit to the countries where it is played
  • Use a lottery agent
  • Bet completely online

Next, let us tell you comprehensively about all the above methods.

Pay a visit to the countries where it is played

One option is to travel to a country where it is played and play it there. However, traveling all the way to a European country would be an additional cost for you. If you are a frequent visitor, this option might be ideal. It is also okay if you have other responsibilities to attend to, in that country.


Use a lottery agent

You can also use a service like TheLotter to play online with real tickets. (In India, LottoSmile.) For the most part, this is a really practical method. You are free to use it if you like it. This does not necessitate any trip to Europe in this case. However, you do have the option of purchasing a real ticket.

Bet online

If you do not want to get a feel of real tickets at all, this is the best solution for you. Everything can happen online if you pick this option. The entire betting procedure takes place online. So, if you are someone who likes to do things in the most comfortable way possible, this is the method you should adopt. For this, we recommend websites like Lottoland, Lotto247, and Playhugelottos.

Checking the results

You have the option to see the lottery results for yourself after the drawings. There are primarily two methods that we can suggest to you. The first is that you may use our website’s checker. The second option is to do a search on the lottery’s official website. You can verify the results in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Receiving winnings to India

If you bought a lottery ticket in person, you can claim your winnings at the store where you bought them. Depending on how much you won, it may take some time for your money to arrive. You should also bring your ticket since this is the required documentation. You usually have 30 days to three years to file a claim. If you play this game online, the prize money will be given to you via the online shop’s website where you registered. This would be the way for most of you as we assume that most of you would bet online due to its convenience.

Taxes if you win

Players from India are excused from paying taxes when playing this game online. You may be compelled to pay a share of your winnings if you purchased your ticket in one of the official lotto member states. However, it varies.


Surely, you would be having a superb idea about what we talked about through this article. We hope you found this informative enough. You can try your luck now! We wish that you would win a big prize!

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