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When the world is being controlled by greedy capitalists and the hard working men and women are found in shelter homes, you know something is wrong with the world. Many people knew this, but did not know how to protest, not until the Occupy Wall Street called them together to gather for this purpose. But when this was the case, did you know how the Occupy Wall street protest ever began in the first place? This infographic “Occupy Wall Street” will give you a pointer.

To be a part of the cause and to stand up to the 1% you need to know how it all began. Apparently on September 17th, 2011, the first whistle was blown by the Canadian Activists group Adbusters, since then there has been no looking back as more and more people have empathized with the cause and come forward to join the protest. The word “Occupy” has been trending across the social media sites and has taken up the internet and the world at large, by storm.

Indeed, there are very many people supporting the idea behind the cause. But if you are new to all this and do not know anything in detail about it yet, we suggest before joining you get your little facts cleared, and what these guys actually stand for, before joining them. Do not just follow a trend; know why the world has been united by this one word called “Occupy”.


The information presented is in a very orderly manner.


Nothing as such; very informative.

Since the Canadian activist group, Adbusters, called for everyone to Occupy Wall Street on September 17, 2011, millions of people worldwide have joined the movement. Pushing primarily for greater wealth equality in the US and less corporate influence over the government, the Occupy movement is one that aims to lessen the gap between the 99% and the wealthiest 1% in America.

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