Nursing Home Care vs. Home Health Care

It is hard to decide what the best care solution is for your loved ones. PASCO did a great amount of research into the differences between nursing home car and home health care, and found why home health care is proving to be the most effective and economical option.

The infographic articulates very relevantly and keenly the distinction between home health care and nursing home care starts with five key points that prove greater advantages of home care:

1. Better facilities, personnel & number of agencies

There are 15,622 nursing homes in the US (source:, versus 33,000 US home health care agencies.

2. Deals provided

Home health care service providers, offer skilled nursing care, medical social services, physical, occupational and speech therapy, and home health aide.

3. Alzheimer’s care services

More nursing homes might offer this service, but home health care providers that offer this service dont charge extra for it.

4. Medicare coverage

In home health care the coverage is broader than nursing homes. It is very much customized to suit the individual.

5. Cost Differentials**

The most important difference and the reason why most people want to be taken care at home health care are the cost. Nursing home stay will cost $75,555 a year while a home care service will only cost $28,800 a year (for an average home care service of 6 hours/day at 5 days/week).

This infographic is easy on the eye and delivers the facts very precisely and clearly.

Creating a comparative lens on such posts/articles on the web is generally a more effective to create stickiness inreaders. The information here is well researched, making it rich and interesting to read. PASCO has done a tremendous job in informing the user about the benefits and trends of home care vs nurse car in the US. May you never need it, but just in case you do, this is a good place to bring yourself upto speed.

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Nursing Home Care vs. Home Health Care

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